Bookkeeping and Accounting


Of course we can do your bookkeeping. The question is would you like us to do it every month or once a year?


All businesses are different and our rates vary according to what needs to be done. For a quick estimate, call our office at (780) 434-7146 or email us at


  1. Economical way to know your books are done right
  2. If you keep your own books, we will perform your year end and provide you with Yearly Financial Statements
  3. If you don’t do your own books, you can simply give us everything once a year
  4. We will do your taxes, maximizing refunds and reducing payments
  5. Use our free Padgett Connect software to do your books and send us the results. Easy!


  1. We will pick up your documents every month
  2. You’ll have more time to run your business and pay your bills while we do the rest
  3. You can breath easy knowing how you did profit wise last month with a “Statement of Operations”
  4. You get a “Reality Check” report that compares your operation with others in the same industry
  5. Your business decisions can be more informed if you have current operating results available
  6. You get a complete record of all the transactions in the monthly “General Ledger”
  7. You get a set of “Financial Statements” at year end
  8. We do your GST returns
  9. It is easier to answer questions about last month than last year
  10. We can keep you up to date on taxes owing
  11. We can help you do proactive tax planning
  12. We can advise on business decisions if we have current operating results
  13. Year end is quick and easy
  14. Pay as you go so no big fees at the end of the year

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