Padgett Edmonton

Office address 11708 – 170 St., Edmonton, AB T5S 1J7

Introducing Padgett Business Services

Padgett Business Services helps small business owner/operators by answering their questions and supplying them with information they can use to increase profits and minimize taxes.

Our clients turn to us to answer their questions, keep their accounting in order, stay current with tax planning, take care of the hassles surrounding payroll and advise them on other business and personal matters. By keeping our clients’ financial records current, we are able to advise them about their businesses when it counts.

Of course, we offer an array of other small business services. From start up, to expansion, to wherever your business is going, our comprehensive services will help you get there.

Featured Client

CAP Enterprises Ltd. is a construction and heavy equipment business located in the Arctic. With just 5-25 employees they enjoy revenues of $2 million dollars per year and do most of their work seasonally due to the 24 hour dark and Northern permafrost.

Owner, Charlie Cahill entered the business with some Inuit partners in 2002, when they asked him to join them and start to manage things. He had been working up North for the government for some years before that which made him an ideal candidate for the job.… read more

My feeling is Padgett is the best thing we did for this business! The software they customized for our business simplified our work load. Books are now accurate and up to date. Working with Padgett has certainly proved cheaper than what I was paying before and we are not doing a lot of unnecessary double entry. I have control! I also have the back up of an Accountant that knows the demands of Revenue Canada.

Padgett always gets back to me and believe me books are neither my priority or anything I am particularly good at so the questions have been real winners. 

Finally, when we had to cut staff, Bob Costall recommended us to other small business and everyone was back to work within the month.  Cost?  Nothing.  This man truly appreciates the concerns of small business and believes in working with the community.  He has no idea how much I appreciate his service and respect his work ethic.

— Deborah Fessey
General Manager - Telephone Sales Consulting

Padgett has provided us with a consistent and reliable bookkeeping management process to help satisfy the requirements of the federal and provincial agencies who give us funding. We rely on Padgett to give us sound financial advice and we’ve been using their services without disappointment now for over a decade!

— On Spec Magazine