Introducing our Blog

The first blogpost on our new website!

First a photo of Edmonton in more pleasant weather

Edmonton skyline from Mill Creek Park Р©Robert R Costall

In our blog we hope to post topics of interest to our many clients. Subjects like:

  • Answers to questions we get asked
  • Tips on personal or corporate income tax
  • Changes in regulations that we hear about
  • Legal issues you should know about
  • Other topics of interest that we hear about

Do you have a topic you would like to see covered? Give us a call or email and if we can’t cover the topic ourselves we will enlist the help of an expert.

Would you like to be a guest blogger? If so please contact Bob to discuss.

I would also like to send Kudos to Spencer McLennan at Iris Business Intelligence inc. for the great and quick work he has done developing our new website. Thanks Spencer!

Have you heard any good accountant jokes? Good ones are kind of hard to come by but if you know one or can make up on send it to us at Here’s one courtesy of
You’ve heard about the credit cliff facing the US. Well, you’ll know there is a credit crunch in Canada when…
… Canada Revenue starts offering a discount for cash
… The ATM machine asks if you can spare any change
… The parliament buildings have been repossessed
… Mrs. Stephen Harper is seen shopping at Value Village

So stay tuned. Check back from time to time or subscribe to our posts.


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