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Well after this weekend, we can safely say spring is on the way! The birds have been singing, some bulbs are popping their heads up, the wind has less of an edge.

Along with this promising weather comes mud! I live on a gravel road and there is mud everywhere! It coats the bottom portion of my boots and shoes, and the wheel wells, up the sides and back window of my car. And it follows me… into my ‘mud room’, onto the car mats and floor, on my pant legs and coat…

There is nothing that feels better than when I power wash the mud off my car, and I see it stream off in chocolate coloured rivulets. The true colour of my car beams, sparkling with the clear coloured droplets of water. So refreshing!

It reminds me of the same feeling I get when I take time for myself. I see the time I spend as actually an investment. And it gives the same gratifying experience as washing my car. When I enjoy undivided, luxurious time for myself, I blast all the ‘muddy’ thoughts and let them stream away, clearing my mind. When my mind is clear, I return to my work with more focus and direction – with a sparkle! During this time, I often come up with some fantastic ideas for my work or other situations I have been mulling over!

Do you have an activity that you use to clear your mind? Do you give yourself the time to enjoy this activity?

Yes sometimes it is hard to fit this time in. I understand that. I also know that 80% of what we get done, gets done in 20% of the time we take to do it. So I wonder… what if you took a small chunk of that unproductive time and spent it investing in mind clearing activity for yourself? Hmmmm…

If you don’t have an activity or it is not working for you – it’s time you found one. You deserve it! Register for Me Time or email me with inquiries.
Enjoy your True Being!

Sandra Maltby Mills
Sandra Maltby-Mills
True Being Coach

Sandra is a Wellness Coach and Educator specializing in stress. She works with women who are tired, drained, not sleeping, with no time, worried or anxious, and facing health concerns or situational stress… and it’s dragging them down, so they are ready to make a change!

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