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CAP Enterprises Ltd

CAP Enterprises Ltd. is a construction and heavy equipment business located in the Arctic. With just 5-25 employees they enjoy revenues of $2 million dollars per year and do most of their work seasonally due to the 24 hour dark and Northern permafrost.
Owner, Charlie Cahill entered the business with some Inuit partners in 2002, when they asked him to join them and start to manage things. He had been working up North for the government for some years before that which made him an ideal candidate for the job.… read more


Roth Aerospace Consulting Ltd.

Roth Aerospace Consulting Ltd. provides engineering consulting in the aerospace industry. Owner, George Roth focuses on flight testing and flight training. He plans, executes, and reports on flight testing of aerospace systems, both hardware and software components, for Air Force customers around the world.
Roth’s entry to the aerospace consulting business was a natural progression from being an employee in a large corporation to becoming an outside consultant able to provide the same service to the same customers. “I am in control of my own destiny and I get the fruits of my labour,” says George proudly.… read more

Sherbrook Liquor Store

Sherbrook Liquor Store

Carrying over 1000 different brands of beer, Sherbrook has the largest selection of beer in Canada!
With a rapidly expanding business and a bright future, Steve recognized the need to seek some financial advice. Padgett Business Services was a perfect choice. “Bob Costall has done a marvelous job of taking care of our fundamental accounting needs,” says Steve. “We are currently rebuilding the management structure at Sherbrook Liquor in preparation to move towards a fairly substantial capital investment.… read more

BoatCraft & Waters Dancing - boat supplies, Alberta Canada

BoatCraft and Waters Dancing

BoatCraft and Waters Dancing is the best source for boat building supplies in Alberta. They have a wide range of hardware, materials, kits, and books to help make any boat project a success. The business was started by Don Moore’s father, Jim Moore in the 1950′s and his legacy continues to thrive today under Don’s 36 years of experience building various water craft. … read more

OnSpec Magazine

On Spec Magazine, is the main product of our non-profit organization and we specialize in both publishing and education activities related to Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. Twenty -some years ago, we recognized there was a niche in Canada that needed to be filled and it was then that our labour of love began. … read more