On Spec Magazine

On Spec Magazine, is the main product of our non-profit organization and we specialize in both publishing and education activities related to Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. Twenty -some years ago, we recognized there was a niche in Canada that needed to be filled and it was then that our labour of love began.

Operating under The Copper Pig Writers Society, the main focus of our business is the publication of a quarterly literary journal entitled, On Spec. As a society, none of the directors receive more than an honorarium from the business- it is our creators who receive payment for their work. A strong belief in what we are doing coupled with a stubbornness to press on are the driving forces we attribute to our success- but we owe our financial security and peace of mind to Padgett.

When our volunteer accountant became no longer available, we had no staff capable of handling financial software. Padgett rescued us from the worry and confusion of sorting out the details on our own. Another non-profit group who was using Padgett for both bookkeeping and payroll encouraged us to contact Padgett to discuss our needs. They were without a doubt the obvious choice for our organization.

Padgett has provided us with a consistent and reliable bookkeeping management process to help satisfy the requirements of the federal and provincial agencies who give us funding. We rely on Padgett to give us sound financial advice and we’ve been using their services without disappointment now for over a decade!

We appreciate the monthly financial statement update, the annual reports, tax forms, and GST calculations. Padgett gives us the confidence to know that all of our money is fully accounted for. The Padgett staff gives us a great deal of security knowing that each year when we apply for our grants, we have a clear, concise and accurate financial statement of the prior year’s activities for both the Society and our business.

We are pleased to be a client of Padgett and we are proud to recommend Padgett as a sensible solution for your business needs.