Roth Aerospace Consulting Ltd.

Roth Aerospace Consulting Ltd. provides engineering consulting in the aerospace industry. Owner, George Roth focuses on flight testing and flight training. He plans, executes, and reports on flight testing of aerospace systems, both hardware and software components, for Air Force customers around the world.

Roth’s entry to the aerospace consulting business was a natural progression from being an employee in a large corporation to becoming an outside consultant able to provide the same service to the same customers. “I am in control of my own destiny and I get the fruits of my labour,” says George proudly. He explains his success very simply- he owes it to the relationships that he has carefully built and maintained with his customers.

A highly specialized field deserves the utmost focus, so when George received a post card in the mail about Padgett Business Services, he decided to check them out to see how they could help. “Padgett’s focus is on small business and caters to that niche. I wanted an accountant that understood the little guy and didn’t treat me like another number,” says George.
George quickly saw the value and convenience of engaging Padgett to take care of his financial requirements. “Knowing your financial state is vital to any business. Not having to worry about CRA requirements and submissions (since they are taken care of by Padgett) is very comforting. Good advice is also paramount and the personal touch of picking up and dropping off my financial packages at my place of business is very convenient!”
George Roth has been a satisfied Padgett client since 2009. He believes the best piece of advice that he received from Bob and the Padgett team was their tax advice- they showed him how he could minimize corporate and personal taxes while staying within CRA compliance. George Roth considers Padgett an important part of the future growth and success of his business.

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