It starts with your feet

In one day, I had three separate conversations about feet. So I thought it would be a great topic for a blog. Particularly now, with the growing popularity of the ‘barefoot’ shoes.

Our feet are the foundation of every move forward we make. Our feet represent a solid and clear understanding of where we stand in the world. I suggest if you are having trouble with your feet at this time, take a close look at your current situation in life. Ask yourself. Am I resisting some change that is inevitable? Am I feeling unsafe? Am I hesitating to take the next step?

Feet are something that we take for granted.They rarely get a second thought when we consider exercise. But the feet are an intricate structure of small bones, ligaments and tendons, similar to the complexity of a suspended bridge. If there is no strength in that suspension, it caves in. This can cause derailment up the leg to the knee or even the hip. Then perhaps your problem is manifesting in the knee or hip joint.

It is an interesting fact that African long distance runners, who have grown up in bare feet, rarely have running injuries. So does that mean you should go out and start running, walking or dancing barefoot? Not all at once! Especially if you are used to the support of shoes. Let your feet strengthen slowly, a bit at a time. Work into going barefoot gradually.

Strengthen your feet by activating the arch. Stand and notice 3 points in your foot. The big toe ball, the little toe ball and the heel. Find equal balance on all three points. Now lift your toes, keeping the balance. Notice the arch is activated. Lower the toes and keep the arch activated. That is a strong and solid foundation.

Now what attitudes or beliefs need to be changed to create that same strong solid foundation to take your next step forward in life?

Sandra Maltby-Mills
True Being Coach

Sandra is a Wellness Coach and Educator specializing in stress. She works with women who are tired, drained, not sleeping, with no time, worried or anxious, and facing health concerns or situational stress… and it’s dragging them down, so they are ready to make a change!

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