Tax Preparation Services

Edmonton Tax Preparation and Planning

We specialize in preparing tax returns for individuals and small businesses. Padgett Business Services can help with whatever your tax situation is. With more than 10 years of experience, you can rest assured your taxes are in good hands.

Before you select a tax preparer, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do they have a permanent year round office or are they around for just a few months?
    We are here year round providing tax, bookkeeping, and accounting services.
  2. If you have a question will they be there to help?
    If you have a question before you engage in a transaction or even if it is months later. We are always happy to help, this is part of the personalized service that we offer.
  3. If the tax preparer is new, does an experienced tax preparer check the work?
    Junior tax preparers have to start somewhere to gain experience. A senior preparer does the more complex parts while training the junior preparer. After, the senior accountant checks the entire tax return.
  4. How much experience does the senior preparer have?
    Our senior people have eight years or more experience. Also we have the backup of expert tax accountants in case of a tough question.
  5. Do they keep scanned copies of your documents incase CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) asks for a copy?
    We scan a copy of your T-Slips, medical slips (fewer than 5), and donation receipts. After e-filing is done CRA picks random tax returns (like a “lottery”) and requests these slips. If CRA sends you a letter, contact us and we can provide the information in response to the letter for a small fee. In some cases more detailed information may be requested that has not been scanned and you would be required to provide us with the documents. It is your responsibility to keep the information for six years.
  6. Do you understand your tax return?
    We provide and explanation of your taxes in easy to understand terms. If you have a question, just ask.
  7. Will they provide tax planning suggestions for current year or for the next year?
    When you bring your tax information in to another tax preparer it is usually too late to do tax planning for that year. In some cases there still maybe opportunities where we can help. However, if we see some lost opportunities to reduce taxes we discuss it with you so that you can save tax next year. We hate to see our clients pay more tax than is legally required. We love to help you to arrange your affairs in a more tax efficient way.

For a free consultation on our tax services, call us at 780-434-7146 today!