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Deborah Fessey General Manager – Telephone Sales Consulting

My feeling is Padgett is the best thing we did for this business! The software they customized for our business simplified our work load. Books are now accurate and up to date. Working with Padgett has certainly proved cheaper than what I was paying before and we are not doing a lot of unnecessary double entry. I have control! I also have the back up of an Accountant that knows the demands of Revenue Canada.

Padgett always gets back to me and believe me books are neither my priority or anything I am particularly good at so the questions have been real winners. 

Finally, when we had to cut staff, Bob Costall recommended us to other small business and everyone was back to work within the month.  Cost?  Nothing.  This man truly appreciates the concerns of small business and believes in working with the community.  He has no idea how much I appreciate his service and respect his work ethic.

Deborah Fessey General Manager - Telephone Sales Consulting
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