Your Choice ….. The Tortoise or The Hare

3 minutes! Three minutes without this and your brain starts dying… This is your breath.

On average, you can live up to 8 weeks without food and 3-5 days without water. I wouldn’t recommend experimenting with those facts… but that illustrates the immense importance of your breath to your health and well-being!

It is natural to assume that the importance of the breath is because it provides oxygen BUT there is more to it than that!
It is the way that you breathe!

The key component is the diaphragm, your breathing muscle and how it moves. When the diaphragm moves, it activates the nervous system.

And the nervous system is like a car.
You have two options, pushing the gas pedal or pushing the brake. Pushing the gas pedal gets you moving, acting, getting things done! Pushing the brake, on the other hand, allows you to: think calmly and logically, digest your food, heal your body, and fight germs and inflammation. In this case, unlike the car, you can still move forward applying the brake!

It might seem like the tortoise, but remember… the tortoise did actually win the race!

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Sandra Maltby-Mills
Coach & Educator

Sandra is a Wellness Coach and Educator specializing in stress. She works with women who are tired, drained, not sleeping, with no time, worried or anxious, and facing health concerns or situational stress… and it’s dragging them down, so they are ready to make a change! Her methods instill a calmness that offers clarity and confidence in the decisions and steps, to move themselves forward.

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